John Mullen - Fiction

John Mullen

John Mullen is an author of novellas, short stories and poetry. The work covers a variety of genres, mostly fictitious. - link to amazon author page. Below are the two book blurbs for science fiction stories:

The Form of the Good - Science-fiction classic
One of the Arks has been infiltrated! Seth cries, It is now up to you to save it! Sit back and take in the adventure of the 16 travellers, in their quest to save the land of Edolane. Can they defeat the robotic army in the desert realm? Can they liberate the Arks? You will not regret reading this fast paced thriller...

Skys the Limit - science fiction classic short story
Sky’s the limit is a story about being human. We are complicated beings. The metal box, with flashing lights all around, represents the way in which we over-complicate our lives. The ‘eye’ is pure and what we aspire to be. Who will win the game of golf? Will the box be restored? Why not find out

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