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Lulajane Designs UK

Beautiful personalised items created in Hampshire

We are a design studio based near to Ringwood in Hampshire.

Lockdown in 2020 proved a catalyst of a type. Claire restarted her cross-stitching hobby, creating some lovely pieces for family members, but there are only so many cross-stitch pictures that are acceptable, and she didnít feel selling them was an option.

In early 2021, she was introduced to Cutting Machines, and her world was transformed! Instead of being knee-deep in cotton thread, Claire is now surrounded with Heat Transfer vinyl, infusible ink and transfer tape. Her conservatory is now her design and manufacturing space.

The emphasis of Lulajane Designs is making something beautiful that you can enjoy yourself or gift to someone else. Be it a cheeky t-shirt, a thought-provoking tote bag, or something to encourage you in your yoga practice, we have something to offer.

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Lulajane Designs UK

Ringwood, Hampshire