The Franceska Tree - Printmaking

The Franceska Tree

Cancer Survivor Printmaker focusing on family, nature and hope

I make prints from lino and found wood with themes inspired by the love of family, nature and hope. I have been a printmaker since the 1990s and now find myself falling back on this meditative practice as a means of therapy from battling cancer last year (and beating it!) as well as trying to process the sudden unexpected death of my younger brother who ran a marathon in support of my fight with breast cancer. My brother was a concert pianist and teacher and loved to help his students.
My prints about siblings are sold with the intention of raising funds for a scholarship in my brothers name that will go directly to helping another young pianist afford to study. I know my brother would feel proud that his name still gives hope and opportunity to underprivileged students and that makes me happy to help towards this.
I have always felt at home in the woods and fields - nature is the salve to my soul and gives me peace, especially now. I enjoy drawing trees and other natural beauties around my home in a woodsy part of Hertfordshire. As a recent cancer survivor, I feel strongly about giving hope to others going through the same experience which is why some of my prints may reflect the hope I found meaningful when I was fighting cancer and perhaps could help someone else.
I create pouring love into my carvings and prints and hope that this is felt by those who kindly buy my work.

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The Franceska Tree

St Albans, Hertfordshire