The Franceska Tree - Printmaking

The Franceska Tree

Printmaker of Trees and Miniaturist of Paper Rooms

Iím a printmaker of ancient woodlands, old trees and offer inked narratives of the Hertfordshire landscape that inspires me so much. Textures and patterns from nature inspire my mark makings and my carvings into sketchbook and woodblock and Lino. While the shifting seasons and the changing landscape keep time with my meditative art practice as I follow the ebb and flow of the countryside around me, capturing moments in tree canopies or pockets in leafy woodland roots.
I work as a miniaturist also but in paper and ink so that my printmaking practice extends into the three dimensional world and where I strive to collect those reflective moments we have indoors during the many changing seasons. My miniature interiors depend on your light to reveal their secrets so make sure to shine a torch into a window to see what you might see that was previously shrouded in darkness within.
My paper miniatures are particularly often enjoyed as bedside lamps or night lights and will bring a thrill of magic to any home!
My artwork is our meditation for me and a salve to my soul as I continue to thrive after cancer and family tragedy. It has always been creating art or even teaching art that has helped me see my way forward into spiritual growth and healing. Iíve been working as a practicing artist for nearing thirty years. In my opinion this is the best career, though it is tough and not at all easy, but it is also an identity and I cannot imagine myself in any other occupation.

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The Franceska Tree

Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire