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We create handcrafted dog accesories such as rope leads, collars, blankets and dogbowls but are currently expanding.

Hi everybody!

My name is Take and my partner is Holly and together we started our small business Dog Decorum in 2021.
The whole idea was based on our little rescue sprocker, Willow. We got her in June 2020 to expand our little family and soon started to create leads and collars for her. She didnt always like being a model but she realised she didnt have much of a choice! Besides she now loves it because she knows there is a treat waiting with her name on it.

Anyway! We both worked for a doggy daycare at the time and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers and co-workers about our leads. So in the beginning of 2021 we started working on a couple of ideas and low and behold we turned it in to our small business. We have since gotten a website dogdecorum and visited a few markets, fairs and Christmas fairs!

So what is it we actually offer?
I (Take) am in charge of making our cotton rope leads and collars, I do everything from measuring the right length and diameter of rope to dying, splicing and whipping (a technique which involves knots).

My partner Holly creates our PPM rope (Polypropylene Multifilament) leads and collars. This is a material often used in rope climbing and is extremely durable. The material doesnt only look nice but it is extremely lightweight. Dont let this fool you though, this material is absolutely perfect for leads and collars. We have had many puppy owners coming back to us saying that their puppy wasnt able to chew through this lead!

Our 2022 resolution is to expand our business, we would like to add more handcrafted items to our assortment.

Upcoming to our future shows will be
- Raised wooden dog bowls: A raised dog bowl is a healthier way to eat for your dog. It prevents air being swallowed in to the stomach which can lead to a common cause of fatality due to bloat. It is a problem more often seen in bigger dogs but can happen to smaller breeds.

- Leather leads and collars We love leather leads and collars and this year we are going to visit leather working workshops to expand our knowledge.

- All natural hypoallergenic dog treats We only give our dog the best there is because we love her. We believe by feeding them Natural treats, not filled with unnecessary sugar/carbs, makes for a much healthier and happier dog!

- Working together with the Zulu shop Although this is not confirmed yet, we want to work together with a small business that is supporting small artists in Africa by printing their art on clothes, mugs, you name it. I reached out to them at our last show because they are going to make dog jumpers with the same kind of art. A percentage will go to the artists which I believe to be an amazing thing! Check them out! thezulushop

I hope this kind of explains what we are up to and what our goals are. If you want us at a show or want to collaborate, please reach out to us.

Thank you so much for your time!

Much love,
Take, Holly and Willow!
Dog Decorum

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