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Ginger Walrus

Clothing for YOUR body, not just anybody.

Welcome to Ginger Walrus: clothes made for your body, not anybody.

My name is Katie, I am a finance person, a stand-up comedian, a Burlesque Host, and now, a small business owner. I’m also a “plus-size” woman. I, like many different shaped women (and men) find clothes shopping unbearable. Sizes are different everywhere you go, so getting a good fit is almost impossible.

The reason for this is that most fast-fashion retailers will design all their clothes on a small-size, hourglass shape, and grade them up and down through the sizes, and then each brand sizes their clothing differently, making it an absolute gamble. You can be a size 10 with one retailer and a size 16 with another, and sometimes, the sizes even vary within the same shop.

Now, as we all know, everyone is different, I have an ample bottom, bulbous boobs and frankly, the only reason they don’t come down to my belly button is because my belly, complete with hernia, holds them up. I do not have a large version of a size 10 body, I have a me-shaped body, so my only real alternative when clothes shopping, is to buy big and baggy.

Have you been to a “plus-size” clothes shop? Full of hideaway shapes and colours that never suited my body or my personality. So, I stopped shopping. I learned to sew and made all of my own clothes. I suddenly stopped feeling invisible, I actually felt amazing, and I wanted to share that with as many people as I could. And so, Ginger Walrus was born. You choose the garment you want me to make, you choose the fabric you want it made from, and you give me your measurements. In return, I make a one-of-a-kind garment that you can wear comfortably for years.

This also means that the chances of you walking down the street and seeing someone else wearing the same thing as you are very VERY slim.

So, if you are fed up of buying clothes that were made for someone else, look no further! The Ginger Walrus brand is growing and evolving by the day, so I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

In addition to original clothing, I have developed a Ginger Walrus range of tote bags (with more items to be added). A portion of the profits from the sale of these bags will be divided between Beat! The Eating Disorder Charity and the BDD Foundation, because I believe everyone should feel amazing exactly as they are, and I fully support the work that these wonderful charities do.

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