Penelope - Painting


Artwork painted form pure inspiration. A style developed by Penny herself, using both hands to create the artwork.

Fine artist Penelope Nanton ( PeníNy) developed an unusual technique of painting, working with a paintbrush in both hands. This has attributed to her unique and distinguishable aesthetic. The work is only painted form inspiration, with the help of the universal energy and her strong connection with nature. Penelope discovered through the aid of her art therapist, that painting with both hands came naturally to her and produced the most amazing results after years of working ambidextrously in her profession. Each canvas is extremely therapeutic as well as decorative. The artwork will enhance the energy and light of any room and can be used for many different benefits.

The artwork created by Penny can be described as artwork with a purpose. Pennyís moto is, Ď It isnít want you see, itís how you feel by what you see.í

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Ash, Surrey