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Hilary Everest Printmaker

I make original handmade linocuts prints and greetings cards from my studio, inspired by the North Wessex Downs

Hello! Im a print maker living in Whitchurch Hampshire. I design, carve and print all my work by hand in my garden studio.

I started linocut printing a few years ago when I attended a foundation printing course at Red Hot Press, I found linocut printing the most rewarding out of all the different printing techniques, there is so much to learn about this craft and I find it fascinating.

My work is always evolving and so far I have produced some semi abstract designs inspired by nature with bold shapes and curves printed in bright colours with contrasting washes of watercolour. I like to convey a sense of movement in some of my designs too and more recently have produced more complex multiblock prints.

My main source of inspiration is the nature I see around me, I live on the outskirts of Whitchurch in Hampshire with fields and wildlife on my doorstep. I also like to be inspired by places I visit animals I love.

Some of my more popular designed prints have been digitally printed using high quality materials and FSC approved (The FSC label ensures that the trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.)

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Hilary Everest Printmaker

Whitchurch, Hampshire

Visit: www.hilaryeverest.art/