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Hummingbird Ink

A year ago I revisited my love of Art and accidentally found Alcohol Ink painting and I’m captivated by it.

I have always ‘dabbled’ in Art for the last 50 plus years but never really been hooked on any one specific genre until now. A year ago, like many others during the pandemic, I turned to Art to help distract me from the awfulness it had created.
By complete accident I discovered the use of Alcohol Ink to make beautiful paintings. I was hooked. I use beautiful coloured inks on a non-porous surface adding 99.9 percent isopropyl to help the ink move to form patterns. I use different tools to move the ink across the surface I’m using. Each tool uses air with different intensities or heat to move the ink to where I want it be. Once happy with my pattern the painting is then left to dry thoroughly before it receives several coats to seal and preserve it.
I sell some of my original work as well as prints. I also undertake commissions.

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Hummingbird Ink

St George, Bristol