Eostre Apothecary

Homeobotanical Oils and Seasonal Tonics and Remedies

A Herbalist and Homeopathic duo creating handcrafted and thoughtfully formulated Homeobotanical Oils, Tonics and Seasonal Remedies. We sell a range of macerated oils capturing the medicinal benefit, and subtle aroma, of medicinal plants, blended, synergistically, with homeopathic remedies that broaden and deepen their healing potential. Working with the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of using plants and energetics, these oils and remedies go way beyond cosmetic application, gently and effectively working on a multi-layered approach whilst using the skin as a delivery system. We sell a simple range of oils with more specific actions and benefits and have also created the Lady Garden range for a woman, across her lifespan, from Maiden to Crone. Right now we also have an incredible Elderberry Elixr Syrup created to work with the changing of the season from Autumn to Winter. Potently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and, most importantly for the season, anti-viral, Elderberry Elixr contains Elderberries, Astragalus, Calendula, Ginger and Homeopathic Remedies of Oak and Aconite, to support the nervous, immune, and gastro-intestinal systems through the seasonal challenges.

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Eostre Apothecary

Brighton, East Sussex