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Byron Campbell Vortex Art Works

I am an abstract artist. I do acrylic paintings on a variety of bases canvas, glass, wood, etc. Each piece is original and unique.

I was born in Canada and although I have lived in the UK for nearly 40 years, I still consider myself a Canuck. I have worked with Deaf people as a Sign Language interpreter for almost 45 years and have now branched out into another visual expression - flow art.

Flow art is a term used to describe paintings and other artwork created by pouring and blending the paint (or other medium) onto the base surface. This creates amazing patterns and colour combinations that are not possible using a brush.

When working as an interpreter and dealing with two different languages concentration, precision, and accuracy must be my focus at all times. Creating these beautiful abstract works of art takes me out of that mindset as things become a more natural and unpredictable flow of colour and emotion.

The thing I love most about this type of artwork is not knowing what the final outcome will look like. On occasion, I have returned the following day after leaving a piece to dry and see that even overnight it had changed into something completely different from the painting I left the day before. Giving up this ‘control’ and the habit of wanting everything to be precise and predictable has been both a challenge and a pleasure.

All my works are created with acrylic paint which is applied to a variety of bases such as canvas, wood, glass, etc. My art creations are best viewed live - photographs can never convey the full range of colours, light and emotions that are in each piece.

Vortex Art comes from the belief that we are all creating and attracting the things that appear in our lives. We draw into our lives the beauty and joy that we find and by passing this on to others we create ripples that will touch people we will never even meet. Vortex Art is aiming to create beautiful pieces that will uplift and inspire people to a joyful place and bring colour to their day.

Each piece of art is a unique and individual creation. There will NEVER be two pieces the same.

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Byron Campbell Vortex Art Works

Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire