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High quality handmade jewellery from wood, metal and stone

Hi Im Stu! Born and raised in Lancashire UK, I now live in and work in Kent. I craft from a makeshift workshop that Ive put together in my garage, usually accompanied by Harry, my somewhat needy rescue cat. I refer to him as the supervisor, as he usually sits on my shoulders and quality controls my work.

Working with technology for the majority of my career, fettled! was born of a need to switch off and concentrate on something other than a laptop screen. As with a lot of people in the media industry I found myself embroiled in work related anxiety and depression, so working with my hands allowed me to mentally relax and switch off. The fact that people like my work is a happy bi-product of the process, rather than the original intention.

My main mediums are wood, titanium, opal, stone and silver and Iím always open to commissions. The bulk of my work is rings, but I also make earrings, necklaces and keepsakes. My rings are usually titanium or tungsten for longevity, with opals, crystals, wood and even sometimes polymer and resin for effect.

Whether its a piece of jewellery, a wooden table or even an arcade cabinet, the fettled! process always begins with the selection of the best quality materials for the project. Our rings arent cheap stainless steel, theyre Titanium, Tungsten or 925 Sterling Silver. Our crystals arent just any crystals, theyre Swarovski. And our wood isnt plywood or MDF, its quality exotic timber. We believe that if you use quality, you make quality.

At fettled! handmade is exactly that - we try to use minimal power tools in what we do. We cut with Japanese pull saws, we carve and sand by hand. Electric drills and sanders are sometimes necessary early on the process, but whenever possible we try to finish by hand.

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Ashford, Kent