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Artidora combines my love for nature, art and resin. I like to bring colours and happiness in peoples lives.

Artidora was born from my love for nature and art. I am a positive person. I have always seen the beauty in everything around me. I am fascinated by the way the nature mixes the colours to amaze us every day. From the bright pink of spring to the winters white and black, the seasons have been an inspiration for my art. Although I do not have a qualification in art, I had some of my paintings exhibited in my home town, being part of an artists association.

I discovered epoxy resin during the lockdown and it was a very good therapy and helped me cope with staying at home. Since I discovered the resin, my dream came true. I managed to put a little bit of nature: flowers, colours and sea scenery in all the jewellery and art items I have made. I make jewellery (rings, earings, necklaces), coasters, home decorations, book marks, paperweight, canvas and wood art, keepsakes with wedding or funeral flowers. My family and friends encouraged me to make these art pieces for wider public and following their advice I recently decided to make this my small business and hopefully give other people the happiness to enjoy my creations.

My jewellery are made with high quality resin and a mixture of sterling silver and brass, stainless steel chains and lots of colours and seasonal sparkle.

For my art work I use wood and canvas, combined with resin and real flowers or items from the nature. I also grow some of the flowers that I use in my art and pressed them myself.

I am in love with art and I enjoy making each and every item. I hope that I will find people out there who will enjoy wearing my jewellery or having my art works in their houses as much as I enjoy making them.

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Herne Bay, Kent