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Bergamot and Flow

I make essential oil blends and chakra oils.

Hi, Im Sam and I started playing with various essential oil blends just for myself and gift giving a few years ago and then became hooked! I have done yoga on and off for many years so created myself a set of chakra oils to use in my yoga practice. I developed these and a few other individual blends that became popular with friends and family so officially created Bergamot and Flow in September 2020. I am so pleased with how my small venture was received that I decided to take it more seriously and have worked really hard to get my business seen by a wider audience.

I have recently had my blends cosmetic tested so I have safety certificates for them all. My blends range from citrussy smells to uplift and make people smile, through to minty aromas to aid concentration, to the florals for love and harmony, all the way to woody, earthy smells for meditation. There is surely something for everyone - I cant wait to meet you!

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Bergamot and Flow

Beccles, Suffolk