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Amanecer Gifts (pronounced Ah-men-ther)

Hello. I am Amanda Yvette and the founder of Amanecer Gifts. I was born in Cheltenham and have lived in or around this famous Spa town all of my life. I am happily married and have two children aged 21 and 18 years.

I have always enjoyed having different scents throughout the home, be it candles, wax melts or reed diffusers, and this enjoyment gave me the inspiration to start the business. Some scents encourage relaxation, others lift spirits, and some allow you to reminisce about places you have visited through the years or fond childhood memories. In short, I just love having a home full of beautiful fragrances.

The name of the business, Amanecer (pronounced Ah-men-ther), is Spanish and translates into “New Beginnings” or “Sunrise”. It was born out of my desire to create and design something “new” in my life something that others could share and enjoy, or possibly something from which they could create their own memories.

About a year ago I started to share my “dream” with my family and close friends and was overwhelmed with their positivity and eagerness to help. Many of them, all with differing fragrance tastes and product preferences, agreed to test the scents and items I produced at home, providing feedback and enabling me to refine the products and fragrances over time.

Setting up my own business has allowed me to really go for it – blending fragrances from scratch, being as eco-friendly as possible, and creating and designing products that are very personal to me, and which hopefully have a meaning for others too. All of the five collections that I have created are borne from things I have experienced in my life.

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