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Artist and Designer, specialised in watercolour media.

Hello Iím Paola Portello, based in Epsom - Surrey. I love watercolour media, when the colours mix together, on wet to wet technique, you never know what the result will be, but it always amazes me. Or the wet on dry technique when you start to build the composition using vibrant colours, the contrast of translucent and light colours with the dark ones create beautiful shadows and give the composition the deep effect. The end results is always unique to each piece. I like to experiment, you never finish learning new ways of using this media.
My Subjects are:
Flowers, I love flowers, some time I do create very botanical looking pieces and some time I like to be more free to give my personal interpretation.
Pet portraits, Im a dog lover and a dog owner of a sweet cocker spaniel named Phoebe and during lockdown she has became my first muse, I then created pet portraits for friends and on comissions.
Portraits, I do portraits only on comissions.

I also do work on various subjects like little birds, interiors and characteristic village settings.
I paint seasonal greeting cards for sale and personalised ones on comissions.

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Epsom, Surrey