Aellis artwork - Painting

Aellis artwork

Fine Art Artist

I produce watercolour portrait commissions from photographs. They come in sizes A4, A3 and A2 I also have a professional framer who can frame the finished portrait to a very high standard. Making your commission ready to hang on your wall! A memory becomes a piece of artwork to treasure.

I also produce fine art oil paintings with gold or silver leaf backgrounds. These paintings all measure 30 square. ‘Each brush stroke and every colour placed on a blank canvas conveys the feelings of my spirit. I believe it is important to paint from your heart and express your love through creativity. If you are hurt or angry, art can be a place of healing and assist in working out those feelings. We are surrounded by so many wonderful colours. Every colour creates different emotions and feelings……My paintings resonate these feelings through my artwork.’

I have recently ventured into abstract artwork. I produce modern, vibrant and energetic artwork that is sold as prints.

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Aellis artwork

Caterham, Surrey