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July Mobsby

Cat-themed, Coast-themed resin coasters, prosecco mats and book marks.

I am recently retired and now I can devote my time to something I love! I work with epoxy resin and create beautiful stand alone, or sets, of what I call prosecco mats (large coasters). I also make the regular sized coasters. My love of cats comes out in all of the Kitty in the Park range and The Love Cat range. The resin cats are centrepiece in each design, either walking through a green and lush park surrounded by flowers (Kitty in The Park) or sitting on a wall snuggled together (Love cats).
As a keen coastal path hiker I have also turned my fascination for the Jurassic Coast into a series of coasters and prosecco mats which show typical coastal scenes, breaking waves on beaches. My fun prosecco mats are called Becky on The Beach, and as well as showing the breaking waves, also have items such as wine bottles on the beach which I think adds a fun element to the mat and is a great talking point!
In between the cats and the beach scenes I make resin pendants, using a variety of coloured pigments, inclusions such as copper leaf, pressed flowers and glass. Each pendant is colour-coordinated with waxed cotton cords, fun jewellery, but striking! Each piece is unique as I only make one of each design.
I will be expanding current themes and exploring new ideas to both the cat and coastal themed works as time goes on. 2022 will be another innovative and fun year for my art and my customers.

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July Mobsby

Sandhurst, Berkshire