Studio43 - Silversmith


My name is Kathryn and I am inspired by the natural world. I take pieces that I have found and cast them in silver.

My silver pieces began when I couldnt find a realistic ammonite pendant. Having walked on the beach at Charmouth many times, I decided to start with a real ammonite and create one from that. Moulded and then cast in sterling silver, the resulting piece was very successful and was instantly something that I wore all the time. I enjoyed the process so much that I began to look for other ammonites, shells and natural objects that might work well cast in silver.

What started as a hobby quickly became more than that when people started asking where I had bought my beautiful silver jewellery. Once they found out I had made it, they wanted to know if I sold my work and so thats what I started to do.

As well as a range of ammonites, I now have a growing collection of seashells and seashore finds. I also have a woodland collection too with a variety of different shapes and forms all inspired by nature.

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