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Candle Quotes Studio

We let the scent do the talking! Creating the most unique handmade Candles and Wax Melts.

Candle Quotes Studio started researching back in 2018 with a goal in mind of creating the most unique candles and wax melts. As of today, we offer over 100 unique different scents delivering worldwide. Candles Quotes Studio became the first official quote registered candle quote company in the UK.

Our main focus is to provide handmade quote scented candles and wax melts in the most unique and fun way, providing the best experience from start to finish. Our products have reached worldwide across Europe, North America and UAE with great success as well as featured best sellers on Amazon.

All our candle and wax melt materials are sourced locally and from the UK reducing any carbon footprint. Our Candles and wax melts also feature the clean-burning benefits of natural vegetable wax with the stability and scent through mineral wax. All our candles also feature lead-free wicks made from cotton and are CLP certified, each scent carries its own individual CLP label and product identifiers, pictograms and hazard statements.

Dont be shy get in touch, whether it is for wholesale or for more information we are more than welcome to help. We can also be found on our website, Etsy, Amazon and social media Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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Candle Quotes Studio

Covent Garden, London