Handmade by Jane - Silversmith

Handmade by Jane

All pieces are handcrafted by me with care

Hello. My name is Jane and silversmithing and jewellery design is my hobby. I came into it quite by chance when, a few years ago, I was given the gift of a taster day at a local studio, and I was hooked. I still go back to the studio regularly to update my knowledge.

I work hard to improve upon and add to my skills. I enjoy using various materials and I do not have a particular style.
I work from my study with regular visits to the shed for the noisy bits and the fire and brimstone aspect of silversmithing!
All my pieces are hand made by me with as much care as possible. I make whatever design comes to my mind and then I experiment. Some things work, some donít. I hope you like some of the successful ones!

I am not here to make a profit. The pleasure for me is in making pieces I am proud of and that people want to wear. I would like to cover the cost of my materials to enable me to continue making pieces that appeal. Your feedback therefore would be very welcome.
If you have any questions, please get in touch.

I will be adding more to my shop soon. Please come back!

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Handmade by Jane

Southampton, Hampshire