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The Premium Wax Store

We sell scented candles and wax melts at an affordable price as well as accessories such as wax burners and car diffusers

We are a small business based in Bracknell, Berkshire that started out at the beginning of 2021 after we moved into our first home. We wanted to make our home feel more warm and cosy while keeping it aesthetically pleasing, but realised that it would come at a huge cost. So we decided to put our heads together and come up with ways to make our home feel more premium, but on a budget. This is where Candles and Wax Melts come into the story. What started out as a hobby has turned into a small business. We started out by selling a range of scented candles, wax melts but since forming we have moved into home decor including wax burners and diffusers that can be used in your car, wardrobes or any of your rooms.

We have a huge passion for making homes feel luxurious and warming and we aim to give you exactly that through our products! We have so much planned for the future and we are open to any suggestions and feedback you may have.

We appreciate every single purchase that is made as it is helping us as a small business to grow. We cannot wait to venture out into creating more exciting products that you will absolutely love!

Thank you all you for your support and enjoy shopping with us!

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The Premium Wax Store

Bracknell, Berkshire