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BeWilder Boutique

Handmade Jewellery made with pressed flowers

Hello all, my name is Sophie and my shop BeWilder Boutique primarily sells handmade items like jewellery, keyrings and coasters made with real pressed flowers and resin.

I press most of the flowers myself and use UV resin to set them in the jewellery bezels. I love to make floral designs. that are both elegant and eye-catching. I am dappling in polymer clay jewellery aswell as I want to gain more crafting skills and am loving the jewellery making learning journey!

I started the process when I dried the first bunch of Valentines day roses and set them in a glass frame. I thought they looked so stylish hanging on my wall and others said I should take this further. This was when I discovered resin art and pressed flower jewellery making styles. I fell in love!

Now Ive got an Etsy shop set up and have made a few orders but intend to take this to craft fairs and markets to meet other like-minded crafters and have a wider visibility.

I look forward to where this takes me!

Here is the link to my Etsy shop

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BeWilder Boutique

Southampton, Hampshire