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Rose in the Wild

Animal watercolour paintings, pet portraits, plantable cards and personalised gifts. Thoughtful art for special occasions.

Dear collector:
Welcome to Rose in the Wild! What started out as an A-Z alphabet featuring 26 hand painted watercolour animals has grown into a range of gifts for new-borns, kids birthdays, and animal lovers of all ages!
With a focus on sustainability, at Rose in the Wild we believe that affordable art should never compromise on quality.
Everything that is created at Rose in the Wild has been made with love and with the intention of being decorative but elegant, letting the watercolour paintings speak for themselves.
The designs are made to last forever, and sit happily in any interior space even as your own tastes change.

I read somewhere that every customer (or collector) should feel like a friend and that is the service I aim to provide. Art is personal, and should feel personal. On my website there are no automated messages, only notes from me, the artist, to you, the collector.

Products include:
Limited edition alphabet prints - giclée prints, individually signed, dated and numbered.
Personalised name prints - high quality giclée prints made bespoke for each collector.
Plantable greeting and note cards - printed on paper embedded with Wildflower seeds so you can Grow it, Dont Throw it.
Pet Portraits - hand painted watercolour portraits of your cuddly (or scaly/ feathery) companions.
Original watercolour animals - all the animal paintings I use in my prints are available for purchase in thier original paper, watercolour and ink forms.

I am always happy to hear from customers, and collaborate on personalised gifts and commissions.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
With love, Elizabeth at Rose in the Wild

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Rose in the Wild

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