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Handmade Pom Pom Wreaths

Welcome to Pomzaz and thank you for stopping by.

During maternity leave (and lockdown) I found a passion for making pom pom wreaths which begin as a project for my daughters room. All my pom poms are handmade and trimmed down and placed on polystyrene, which can be in the shape of a heart, circle or rectangle, I have also created rainbows, clouds, dreamcatchers and even pom pom animals. I also love to make pom pom garlands.

I am a perfectionist and have a keen eye for detail so I do not sell my items until they are as close to perfect as possible. I love playing with bright and bold colours. I have recently started creating crochet garlands.

I design all my wreaths and find inspiration from all around. I welcome custom orders and love to brainstorm and create new and exciting ideas to make sure our customers are happy with their product.

Thank you

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