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Sandfordnash Quilts

Heirloom quilts and wall hangings with dense hand quilting

My quilts and wall hangings are made by hand in the time honoured manner of our ancestors. Heirloom works are mainly stitched using a needle and thread rather than a sewing machine and larger projects can take many months to make. Hand stitching gives a much softer feel and better drape to the finished piece. However, just as my grandmother would have done, I sometimes use the sewing machine for piecing or attaching bindings and, on rarer occasions, for the quilting.

Quilting can be hard on the hands so, to give them a rest, I make bags and pouches on the machine or knit hats and sweaters thus satisfying my need to create.

My aim is to provide my clients with a quilted piece that will last a lifetime and beyond, a treasured hand-me-down for their family.

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Sandfordnash Quilts

Harwich, Essex