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Hi Everyone,

My name is Georgina and last year in lockdown I decided to get crafty and put all my time and focus into learning a new skill and this is where Fluffyclawartprints was established.
I design a wide range of Art Prints mainly for children, and the theme is mainly animal based. I am a huge animal lover and I love bringing, colour, fun and adventure into the art prints I design. So childrenís imaginations can run wild with the quirky creatures that are presented in the pictures that I create.
I also have an online store through Etsy were you can take a look at lots of my designs, Iím always updating new ones to keep up with the latest trends. I can also take orders for personalising art prints if desired.
I also sell candles, mirrors and greeting cards for all occasions, and much more! Look forward to seeing you at a craft fair soon.

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Fluffy Clawart prints

Halstead, Essex