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Handmade and hand painted pots

Hi, there!

My name is Andi and Im a plant freak. I started collecting plants in the first lockdown and now I can proudly say I reached 80 plants big and small in my collection. Being in lockdown I was trying to find ways of keeping myself sane and happy so I started painting pots as I couldnt find any on the market that would really suit me.
This is how my business started. Before I knew it, I was getting orders from friends and family and it started to grow, so now everything I do is for the business.
Im still a part-time worker, but Im aiming to make my business my main source of income in the future.
I make custom designs, air dry clay pots made by hand and Im planning on investing in a pottery wheel by the end of this year.

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17A Camel Road, Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1PU