Rajinder - Scrapbooking


I started making handmade journals experiment with materials and textures and have a great selection for any occasion

I started making journal after seeing others doing the same, my handmade journals are often made
though found and recycled materials to be used as a way to store treasures and to take on your travels

I love the way the paper and fabric from the handmade journals feel in my hand, creating textures from paper to lace excites me.

I love exploring how to capture what to write and store away those precious treasures like photos, letters and other various mementos.

This is my passion and want to share it with everyone to inspire to collect and record memories, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. The journals are a mash-up of sorts of things but ultimately a memory book to showcase your life using your personal ephemera. Its a great way to display photos, letters, tickets, cards, but also to document holidays, day trips, reunions, anniversaries, and birthdays.

The journals have plenty of writing space and for the blank pages you can use mixed media art to create a collage, and with added interest like tuck-spots, tags, pockets, envelopes to store bits and pieces of memorabilia.

I also make separate ephemera that can be purchased separately which are normally sold in packs, these include decorative paperclips, book makers, tags, envelopes journaling cards that are created from various materials that catch your eye. I do themed journals too, these can be farmhouse, vintage, fashion, woodland, botanical, and newborn but am happy to take requests for any design, no two journals are the same therefore is unique to owner.

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Morden, London