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Zara Ceramic Creations

All my creations are unique and individual. I make little handpainted ceramic bells for displaying air plants.

I am a ceramicist with a love of all plants. I make little hanging bells for displaying air plants. All my bells are handmade and decorated, they are all individual. The bells can hang alone or look lovely in a group.

I also work big! I hand build using the coiling method to make pots for large indoor and outdoor plants. My large pots are all made from earthenware clay, bisque fired, usually stained, sometimes painted and then high fired.

Although I have always had an interest in ceramics my background is food, I am a chef and have a love of all things food and drinks. I have started a new line, making a selection of hand built salt pigs.

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Zara Ceramic Creations

City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh