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An Independent Scentsy Consultant

Hello, Welcome to Splendid Scentses! This is a place where you can find a gift for everybody: Men, Women, Children and Even Pets!

The range of scents available fit into one of seven scent families: Fresh, Woods, Floral, Fruity, Spice, Citrus and Bakery. Everyone has their favourite scent family, some even have more than one favourite family! I LOVE Fruity and Citrus families, which family do you fit into?

We provide a wide selection of products, a list of these products are below:
- Electric Powered Wax Warmers
- Scented Wax Bars
- Diffusers
- Natural Oils
- Fan Diffusers
- Scent Pods
- Fragrance Flowers
- Car Bars / Car Bar Clips
- Scent Circles
- Scent Packs
- Laundry Liquid / Fabric Softener
- Fresh Fabric Spray
- Washer Whiffs
- Bathroom Cleaner
- Counter Clean
- Washing Up Liquid
- Body Wash
- Hand Cream
- Hand Soap
- Scentsy Soak
- Sugar Scrub
- Body Mist
- Scentsy Buddies
- Scentsy Buddy Clips
- Scentsy Friends
- Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo
- No Knot Spot Dog Detangling Spray
- Freshen Up Pup Dog Deodorising Spray

If you are interested in any of the products above or wish to learn more about any of my products please contact me.

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Splendid Scentses

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