Rope and Knot Style - Macrame

Rope and Knot Style

Bohemian style specially to decor your home with macrame design

The idea of Rope and Knots Style was born in 2020 after I realized that my designs were becoming more and more popular and that it was not only a hobby. From a very young age, my grandmother taught me to knit, sew, and design my own dresses, realizing that my passion for crafts and art was growing. I am an enterprising woman who has always fought for her dreams, no matter how impossible, so I am here, sharing with you each one of my small or large designs, I can guarantee that they are made with passion and dedication. I began to create my designs in my living room in the middle of the pandemic, on other occasions in front of one of the canals in London, and it was when I realized that when I began to create a piece of macrame, my mind disconnected from the reality, enjoying knot by knot until finishing each piece and now I am here at the forefront of this great idea as a designer and owner, my name is Bibiana Henao and I hope to be able to share many more designs with you, thank you for visiting my page for believing and supporting my talent. I know that here I will find very talented people who do fantastic things.

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Rope and Knot Style

Islington, London