Gillian Wreaths - Floral design

Gillian Wreaths

I make floral and Christmas wreaths, along with candle wreaths

I work from home as a hobby making floral, Christmas wreaths and candle wreaths.

I started doing this as a hobby to help me over a bad patch after Christmas 2019, but found that I really enjoyed making them and continued to make them. I was learning as I went along and loved every minute of it. Eventually I had so many that I had no wall space left in my home to fill with my creations. I then decided to stop making them until someone encouraged me to make them for others. I now make them to put a smile on your face, then that in turn makes me very happy.

I listen to the birds singing, squabbling over the food I put out for them and drinking from my garden pond, whilst I have my morning coffee and create my wreaths in my conservatory at home. My wreaths are not work or a hobby for me, they are more of an enjoyable pass time with a cup of coffee and bird song.

All my wreaths are handmade and come from my heart to yours.

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Gillian Wreaths

Grays, Essex