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Aliceís Wonderbands are pure silk skinny Scrunchies that have been created for someone who wants to look after their hair.

Hi There. My name is Alice and I created Aliceís Wonderbands.
I have been a dressmaker for many years and just wanted to do something a little different.
I started making these silk skinny scrunchies as they are hard to get hold of especially the truly skinny ones. Aliceís Wonderbands measure just over 1/4 of an inch wide.
All of my materials are sourced locally which is important to and all my packaging is recyclable.
My Wonderbands are made from pure silk which is so kind and gentle on your hair.
If you are interested in hair health and protecting your locks then these are a must.
Silk is renowned for itís health benefits for hair and skin.
My little beauties are fantastic for anyone who wants just a flash of colour or you can go completely natural. I have a wide range of colours including some Liberty prints.
These truly thin hairbands means there really is something for everyone!
P.s Iím always happy for any colour suggestions too.

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Reading, Berkshire