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The Yogi Fox

Our Yogi Fox yoga pants/leggings are soft, comfortable and available in various captivatingly beautiful designs.

The Yogi Fox creates yoga pants/leggings that are extremely comfortable but also look good. During lockdown I started wearing leggings more and more whilst I was working from home, walking the dog, exercising through yoga, and lounging around and I started to ask myself why are they so boring? So I set about designing my own and I really started to feel good in them and enjoyed wearing them. Friends started asking me to design some for them and before I knew it The Yogi Fox became a thing. Momentum has built and I am now selling online and creating my own website. I would love to bring The Yogi Fox designs to craft markets and actually speak to the people buying them. It gives me a lovely feeling when someone tells me how much they love them. And they do! :)

For some people my designs are a little too different to the norm. However, one of the lovely reviews I got was I have always been a plain black workout gear person but am excited to get these news ones. You have changed my outlook and I cannot wait to get my new Yogi Foxs to arrive.

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