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We are Soapo, a homemade bar soap and bath bomb company who cares about world issues and selling creative soaps.

Hi, we are Soapo and we are a homemade bar soap and bath bomb company established and run in the UK. We started in the midst of our first national lockdown in the UK when I was looking for something to do and tools make a little extra income on the side as well. I started researching different ways to make bar soaps and created my website. Sooner or later, my business was ready to be launched and we received a lot of support from not only family and friends but also our customers as well. We have also taken on feedback from our peers and have used it, to help grow and improve the business.
Our main focus is to not only provide creative and amazing products to our customers while also giving back to many different charities. For example, 10 percent of every purchase goes to planting a tree with the help of TeamTrees, we also focus on supporting charities that are working against stopping AAPI hate.
We use ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, chia seeds, oats, aloe vera juice, olive oil and a range of essential oils in most of our products. Shea butter is a moisturising ingredient with nutrients and vitamins that helps to naturally heal and nourish the skin moreover, aloe vera juice helps to soothe sunburns, and has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. We not only strive to provide pretty and creative products but ones that benefit the skin as well.

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Soapo Soaps

Winkfield, Berkshire