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Wood Glow Designs

Working from my stable workshop, I make bespoke handmade lamps and other quality household items

Working out of a small farm stable I started woodglowdesigns.

Using locally sourced materials, my designs are often driven by the individuality of the materials themselves. Most of my work is created using traditional hand tools and woodworking techniques. I love the hands on method of creating in this way and I feel far more connected to my work as a result. The majority of my work is designing decorative lamps and this is where my original passion for creating came from. As well as my lamps I am now making everything from chopping boards to bar stools and I am constantly looking for inspiration for the next design and idea.

I have family connections to the famous whisky trail in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Many of my creations are made using genuine whisky barrel staves which have decades of stories and hangovers stained in to their solid oak (and I have the added bonus of my workshop smelling like a brewery).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my products. I can deliver locally or arrange UK shipping on smaller items.

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Wood Glow Designs

Upwell, Cambridgeshire