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Hand poured scented container candles

I make hand poured scented container candles, primarily in tins, using high quality fragrance oils. I do this in my kitchen with a staff of one - me. Containers come in 2 sizes, rose gold or silver, burning for 16 - 20 hours / 34 - 36 hours respectively.

I stock a range of different fragrances to try and meet different tastes - floral, fruity, fresh citrus, something for every taste. I use high quality fragrance oils which produce strong and distinctive hot throw. And even when not burning, the candles can act like pot pourri. And of course I have an extensive range of Christmas fragrances.

The wax I use is Sasol 6213 which is a professional quality blended mineral and vegetable wax. It has a superb hot throw and a smooth and creamy finish. It is cruelty free and vegan friendly. I use a selection of natural fibre wicks, dependant on the performance of the wick with the fragrance oil. Choice of wick is very much a question of finding the right one for each and every candle.

I started making candles because I love the process - a mixture of art and science. It is a fascinating process which involved a lot of trial and error before you get the result you want for your customers - a clean burning candle with a fragrance load that will fill the air and delight the senses. All my candles are poured in small batches.

I hope that you enjoy burning my candles as much as I enjoy making them. Passion is a much overused word but I truly love my candles.

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