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Soul tide Jewellery

Vegan and earth conscious jewellery. Using a variety of materials to create macrame and silver/copper wire pieces

Vegan macrame jewellery and vegan sterling silver wire jewellery.
I create pieces using a variety of media with a strong focus on creating as little impact on the earth as possible. This is why all my pieces ( and the tools I use to make them ) are 100 percent Vegan!
I make sure that my packaging is recyclable with no un-needed plastics, my business cards are made from recycled paper, lots of my tools are pre owned and I love to collect old unwanted jewellery that would otherwise go to landfill to take apart and use in new pieces and when I do buy new, I try my best to source everything from the UK!
There are almost two sides to the jewellery I create over the course of the national lockdowns I have taught myself to macrame, so this is often how I spend my evenings. I also have a workshop space where I use silver and copper to create a different style of pieces.
I offer a mixture of ready made, one off pieces and made to order jewellery.

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Soul tide Jewellery

Worthing, West Sussex