SiRaeYa - Sewing


Uniquely designed accessories and gift brand based in Hertfordshire.

Our story began in 2020 in our home studio in Hertfordshire, U.K. With only one desk and next to no free time, our brand was born. Our passion for unique design and collaboration brought our vision, and products, to life.

Our products are designed with the idea of being practical and stylish. Who says you cant have amazing products if they are of good value? We are determined to change that misconception for all of our customers.

Inspired by our travels around the world, and a background in fashion design our resident maker designs and makes unique accessories and homeware to add something special to every space.

Our resident maker Jolanda is a full time magazine editor and writer. With experience working in the fashion industry and writing about social behaviour, child psychology and parenting she uses her insights into living a balanced life in designing unique products.

Her love for vibrant colours, quirky combinations and always using the best quality materials makes creations truly one of a kind. She embraces the idea that we all deserve something made specifically for us, therefore this leads her to create our one in a million product design concept. At SiRaeYa, Jolanda never creates the same product twice.

Being a mother of three, she enjoys the time she has to spend with her family right here in Hertfordshire where her studio is based. She enjoys making products suitable for all ages in order to include her children in the creative process as much as possible. Her love for writing is a truly exciting affair, so head over to our blog and read about her creative process in managing the brand, selecting the right fabrics, designing fabulous products and spreading her love for sewing.

To get in touch with her regarding design requests or bespoke orders please email her directly.

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