Dave Pearce Ceramics - Pottery and ceramics

Dave Pearce Ceramics

Ceramic Artist focused on gas reduction wares, Raku and Smoke Pit Firing

I worked in Sydney Australia back in 1996-1998, and whilst there I wondered what to do to meet up with people. I decided to do some evening classes one of which was Pottery. I had no art background but thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to carry it on when I returned to the UK. I subsequently attended classes at Richmond and Hilcroft Adult Community College (RHACC) and as they say the rest is history. I take a keen interest in not only the art of pottery but also the science behind it. I find it fascinating, and frustrating, just how much small changes to the glaze, the firing cycle, the firing atmosphere, and/or the clay can change the look and feel of the final ceramic form. I work primarily as a thrower but enjoy exploring all forms, vessels and processes. It was through all this that I discovered a love for the gas reduction firings, RAKU firing processes as well as other alternative firing processes.

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Dave Pearce Ceramics

Egham, Surrey