Mollymacart - Painting


A different perspective

I am at the start of my art career, having recently retired from 25 years in the NHS. During the last few months I have thrown myself into different media - starting with watercolours (I did some watercolour painting years ago so had more of an idea with this medium) then moved onto acrylics (absolutely love the brightness of the colours) and oils (lovely and smooth finish but in the cold climate up here in the north east a painting takes weeks to dry!) and finally onto coloured pencils (which I adore because of the control I have over the pencils, and the precision of each stroke).

My little garden studio is now filled with acrylic abstract paintings, watercolour flowers and portraits, waves done in oil and a whole range of pencil drawings from ripe tomatoes to realistic splodges of paint. Most of my work is about A4 size, and lately I have mounted all of my most promising work. Some have been made into postcards and celebration cards and have been sold to friends.

All very new but Iím excited and determined to be successful and hope others will appreciate my work enough to have one of two in their homes!

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