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I sell Usborne books for children aged 0-16 years old

My name is Ana Rita. Im a mum of 2 year old boy and I work as nurse. I always loved reading.

I think its very important to spread the love for books amongst our children. I still remember my favourite books from when I was little. There is something special about receiving a new book, the looks, the smell and how we enjoy the story. When we look at our favourite books a few years later, and they are not shiny and new anymore, we know, that this new old look on these books is there because they were loved.

I think we should continue to promote this and dont let this feeling and love from books die. Technology is very important for the development of our children but so is dreaming about a different world. Nowadays, our children and young adults mental health are facing new challenges that we did not face at their age. A book can take your mind out of their problems or simply enjoy going to a new world and have fun.

Let me know if you need help finding a book for your child that helps him enjoy reading, for your family children or if you need help in getting a good deal for party gifts.

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Books Livros Livres Libros

Woodley, Berkshire