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Peace and Silly Recreation

I love mechanical movement and so most of my work you will see how it works and I hope, love it too.

I never really learnt how to grow up so, I still play, a lot and mostly in my shed were I have some lovely tools to help me play with mostly wood but I do play with other materials too. I was a tool maker, a clown, circus tutor. clown doctor and did a lot of work with special needs people.
I make my toys so that people can see how they work, this has been a great hit at festivals were I have had my wooden arcade set up and people have marvelled at my curious contraptions while they play. My slinky escalator has gotten a lot of interest from children of all ages.
I love puzzles so I make some of my favourite ones, a stick that walks with just a push is still a lot of fun for me and I been making them for years.
Kinetic sculptures, nautilus shells, pattered plywood bowls, automator are just a few more thing I love to make and happy to sell to a good home.
love and laughter Simon

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Peace and Silly Recreation

102, Crosby Road, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, DN33 1LX