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Chiltern Bee

Chiltern Bee - Unique products (Lip-balms, Soaps, Bath Bombs, etc.) made from the highest grade beeswax and honey from local hives

At Chiltern Bee we maintain local hives (Hambleden area, near Henley) with our native UK bee to produce both honey and the highest grade beeswax (honeycomb cappings). These products are formulated with natural oils and butters to produce a range of unique products that are both of the highest quality and also avoid many of the fillers found in traditional products.

We also have a range called NAKED BEE which has no additives (e.g. fragrance) for those who seek products that are both effective and simple. Other products are infused with essential oils such as Mandarin, Grapefruit, Lime and Lavender.

Finally, we do everything from bee to jar. Raise bees, make hives, extract wax, formulate products, packaging/labelling which means we have complete provenance of each product at every step.

All our products have undergone independent safety assessment, stability testing and are filed in accordance with UK Cosmetic Product legislation.

We also sell honey!

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