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Woodland Crafts Uk

I create bespoke and unique Wreaths, specialising in Christmas, Shop window displays, Table centre peices and crafted bottles

I have recently started a wreath making business, initially for the Christmas period, however I have found that these can be utilised around the home, businesses, indoors and outdoors and not just for the Seasonal events. I can make bespoke and personalised items to suit your requirements. I also create woodcrafts, tea light holders, table centre peices. I also design wine bottles for decoration, with lights [inside and out] for use everyday or seasonal events. I started doing craft items when my Mother in Law wanted me to create Table centre peices for her wedding. This led me to erect a shed in the back garden to use when I want to potter and have time on my hands. My creative steak comes from wanting to try anything, also from doing a lot of baking and volunteering for the British Heart Foundation, where we hold stalls at various events throughout the year and I would bake and hold a stall. For the last 4 years we had a stall at the Harewood Half Marathon and 10k, our first year was a success and we sold out within 3 hours. The following years was to be as successful and each year I would have to bake at least 50 percent more, this sadly ended this year. I have always loved making things, whether it be cakes, biscuits or crafts. My interest comes from seeing items that appear to cost quite alot and feel that I could create this and sell this for less. I was brought up very working class where money was tight, so all throughout my life I want a bargain, I do not want to pay over the odds for things, I believe all things have a worth, but to extorte money because its on trend is wrong. I have found that on certain websites, similar wreaths to the ones that I create are going for double the cost, so I wanted to be able to produce items at a lower cost so the selling cost would remain low too.

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Woodland Crafts Uk

Pudsey, West Yorkshire