John Simpson - Art

John Simpson

From table lamps to paintings. All are produced mainly from recycled materials.

What inspires John Simpson
For me a tricky question this. I really think it comes down to a very simple fact that I like to produce stuff. Whether it is two dimensional or 3D, it doesnít much matter. So long as the work has honesty, creativity and some originality in its execution, Iím happy to turn the door handle of my studio and get on producing arty stuff as best I can. Although I canít deny when people buy my work it does give me a buzz, recognition that what Iím doing is worth something more than the materials used.
As you will see - not all one medium and much of it using recycled materials. This helps me produce fresh and novel ideas. I like to make things which are experimental in the image making process. It means I have used all sorts of materials from Amazon cardboard boxes and papier-m‚chť made with supermarket till receipts to polyfilla, powder paint and ash paintings. If you visit my web-site as well as oil paintings on melamine kitchen doors you will see lampshades made from army helmets and flocked pedestal tables.
I try and produce stuff that grabs the viewer and approaches a theme in a different way by using non artistic materials that can be easily bought from any DIY store, making it less arty and I think more interesting. This has meant that people have been surprised and curious at the same time about the effects that can be achieved and they have responded in a really positive way in their feedback.

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