Roes Handmade Bazaar - Jewellery

Roes Handmade Bazaar

I make Jewellery and Greeting Cards . 1 of every sale I make is then donated to WENLO riding for the disabled association.


Welcome to Roes Handmade Bazaar. I have been making Jewellery and Greeting Cards for quite a while now and it is something that I really enjoy doing. I love playing with a number of different materials and designs and tend to make most of my pieces while sat in my kitchen, trying to stop my fluffy cat from running off with my beads and pencils!

I tend to use leather, silver, glass beads, wooden beads and gem stones for my Jewellery and make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. My greetings cards are usually hand drawn, so each one is unique. I also like making my own stencils to use with either glitter or spray paint.

I am also a volunteer for Wenlo Riding for the Disabled Association, which is a very worthwhile charity. So I will be donating 1 of every sale to the group.

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Roes Handmade Bazaar

Nantwich, Cheshire