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All my products are handmade by myself using natural ingredients, I research and blend to cater for all skin types. Handmade is best.

I started making my own soap 2 years ago, after studying the components of commercial soaps I decided I would prefer to use products on my skin with less chemicals. Not all chemicals are bad for your skin as some are required to prevent rancidity, but I discovered that natural alternaternatives can be used, in some cases. After some research I came up with a basic recipe, I gathered all the required ingredients followed all guidelines for soap making and produced soap, I could not believe how creamy and wonderful it felt on my skin by comparison.
With further research I discovered how certain oils and butter can be beneficial to various skin types, and so it started my passion for soap making and more, progressing to a wide variety of products all handmade by myself containing natural ingredients, I blend oils and butters to make skin loving products that you can use every day at an affordable price.
I catering for all skin types from dry to oily and combination skin.
My exfoliating soaps containing salts and clays that are specifically good for problem skin, the Essential Oils I use are known to fight bacteria.
Variety of fragrant Soap bars and flowers. Use in the bath or shower with an exfoliating bag, an invigorating treat for the skin.
Moisturising fragrant Body Wash, made with pure castile soap.
Bath Bombs containing Jojoba Oil, leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised, follow your bathing routine with my creamy Hand and Body Butter, absorbs quickly into the skin, moisturising without leaving that greasy feel.
My Peppermint Foot Scrub and Foot Balm leave your feet feeling refreshed and soft, great for people on their feet all day.
Gift packages available containing products of your choice, all enquiries welcome, love to hear from you.

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Fairfield Skincare

15 Cleavers, Sissinghurst, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 2JU