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Hand Woven with Love

Dreamcraft - by the Weaving Witch

Hi My name is Kristen and I am passionate about crafts. I particularly love creating wool hangings, Soya Wax Candles with dried flowers (all sourced from my garden), Crystal Dream Catchers and various other home decor.

My current passion is creating my hand woven unique wall hangings. They are always different and vary in design, size and materials. Like with all my crafts my fire and passion for creating is always lit and I just love seeing all my work come to life and enjoyed by people who have an eye for art.

For the few years I have been creating as a hobby it all started with dream catchers. I am quite passionate about the power of crystals and incorporating them within my hand woven dream-catchers, something which I feel gives these items true meaning with the origins of native american tribes and their beliefs of dispelling bad dreams coupled with the healing power of crystals.

I am currently taking custom orders for small, medium and large wall hangings as I know how important it can be to get the right colour combination. I love working with peoples ideas and turning them into a reality, with my own creative flair.

I have gained a healthy social media following of my crafts which has inspired me to sell them on ESTY. There I have sold many of my creations and am ecstatic about the reviews I have recieved. I am a stickler for detail and everything I sell is carefully gift wrapped and packaged with the upmost care and attention which I feel adds to the shoppers experience.

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Hand Woven with Love

Cowhill, Derbyshire