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Woodland Crafts

I handmake unique and unusual signs for garden/shed/garage/home etc, from reclaimed timber, with old tools nuts and bolts etc.

I am Bill, for 2 years, I have been creating a selection of handcrafted signs and garden items, including bird feeders/Bee Boxes/Lady Bird Houses/planters etc.
I use reclaimed Timber, combined with old tools nuts and bolts, and many various items from workshops and sheds, which would normally be left lying around unused.
I can tailor the signs to an individual, by adding there name or
designing it with there hobbies or interest in mind.
my work is very different, and i am regularly told that my work is refreshingly new and unique, i create items for both men and women.
The sign you see here, is made with the clients late fathers hand tools,! and various items relating to them, to reflect there interests! in this case the love of motorcycles and engineering were the main subjects! its a constant reminder of there father, whenever they enter the garage.

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Woodland Crafts

Basildon, Essex